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Applied Software Technology reduced the amount of physical equipment needed to ensure the decent performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: May 16, 2018

It works very well. We have less equipment. Less points of failure. Less cooling. It is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Doug Dahlberg, Director of IT Operations


Before deploying StarWind Virtual SAN, the company had been running a clustered environment accessing the traditional hardware SAN. Running a lot of hardware required some space and decent cooling capacity.
After relocation, the new datacenter was limited in both space and cooling capacity. Regarding these problems, Applied Software Technology was looking for a solution allowing to achieve the required performance with less hardware involved.


StarWind Virtual SAN was chosen due to StarWind’s reputation and ability to cut down the amount of physical equipment needed to support company’s virtualized infrastructure.
Indeed, working for a long time in virtualization, StarWind has established a reputation for providing solid and reliable solutions.
Allowing to streamline the hardware utilization, StarWind Virtual SAN reached the required performance with having less hardware involved. Regarding this ability, the solution enabled the company to resolve its issues with space, cooling, and power consumption.
Applied Software Technology also notes solution’s thorough support that provided necessary servicing in time.

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