Algenol Biotech augments reliability in the backup process with StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

Published: January 16, 2020

Super easy to use and configure, especially compared to the other VTL we are using.

Tom Ziegler, Network Systems Administrator


Before introducing StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) into its IT environment, Algenol Biotech had no reliable archival backup solution. Although the company had VTL of another vendor for a different backup solution with Microsoft Hyper-V on top, it was not satisfied with its functionality and price. That is why, seeking for a solution for a new network that controls the production part of the enterprise, Algenol Biotech turned to the analysis of VTLs existing in the virtualization market. The main criteria that the new product was supposed to meet were reliability, ease of management and, of course, affordable price.


Algenol Biotech has chosen StarWind VTL because of its reasonable price and required functionality. It easily integrated into the established backup and archival process of the company without any changes.
In addition, VTL automates and secures offsite backup and archival by eliminating the human process and thereby determining the reliability of the backup process. VTL is a solution that scales to the company’s
needs and becomes more and more profitable over time. Algenol Biotech is heartily satisfied with StarWind VTL operation and plans to use it with a new backup solution.


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Algenol Biotech is a global biotechnology company based in Florida, US, which develops natural products, as well as customized biology solutions, to meet a variety of needs.

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Tom Ziegler,
Network Systems Administrator