AAA-9 Achieves High Availability on Existing Hardware without Vendor Lock-In Thanks to StarWind VSAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: August 5th, 2020

The resulting infrastructure works so well that I rolled VSAN out to 2 more hosts to create a second HA cluster
in the environment for testing purposes. Saved a ton of money over other solutions
like VMware vSAN, Maxta, and Nutanix.

Justin Graves, IT Supervisor


AAA-9 had an infrastructure based in a standalone host environment governed by Microsoft Hyper-V. The existing architecture didn’t allow the organization to achieve High Availability (HA). Spending excessive funds on buying physical shared storage wasn’t an option. Area Agency on Aging Region 9 needed to have its systems on best behavior and resilient without spending a fortune. It also wanted to avoid vendor lock-in.


Together with StarWind, AAA-9 was able to satisfy its needs in a cost-efficient manner. StarWind Virtual SAN has no hardware compatibility lists (HCLs), which allows for flexible scalability on commodity hardware. AAA-9 was able to achieve HA on its existing cluster while using its hypervisor of choice. StarWind VSAN also allowed to partition the infrastructure into two HA clusters, the other one dedicated to testing purposes. The organization has no hard time managing its newly upgraded environment thanks to StarWind Command Center, a single-pane-of-glass monitoring and management tool. All in all, Area Agency on Aging Region 9 was able to cover all bases with just one solution and even get perks it didn’t expect to receive while saving a lot of money.



About the Company

Area Agency on Aging Region 9,  Inc. (AAA-9) was founded in 1975 and is a non-profit that helps older adults and people with disabilities live independently. The organization includes over 120 employees, serves over 2,500 case managed clients and assists over 40,000 older adults through contracts and programs.

Company Profile

Non-profit for helping older adults and people with disabilities.

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Justin Graves,
IT Supervisor

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