Installing & Configuring a SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster

Published: August 2014

This document provides a step-by-step procedure in configuring a 2-node Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster that will host a SQL Server 2012 Failover Clustered Instance. It for StarWind and Microsoft SQL Server users who want to install and configure Failover Cluster.

When using this guide, a few assumptions have been made

  • Windows Server 2012 is installed on each server that you will cluster and join to the domain
  • The disks (LUNs) that you want to use in the cluster are exposed to the servers that you will cluster and are configured appropriately as per StarWind’s High Availability Best Practices documentation
  • You have decided which quorum model will be used by the failover cluster. This document will use the disk witness as the quorum model.

The configuration process includes following stages:

  • Entering Cluster Configuration Details
  • onnecting to the iSCSI Storage

Windows Server 2012 comes with iSCSI Initiator software that enables connection of a Windows host to an external iSCSI storage array like StarWind Software’s iSCSI SAN using network adapters.

  • Initializing and Formatting the Disks
  • Installing the .NET Framework 3.5

SQL Server 2012 requires both the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 and 4.0 as part of its prerequisite software.

  • Windows Failover Cluster Feature Installation

Windows Server Failover Clustering feature provides high availability and scalability in many server workloads. SQL Server 2012 takes advantage of this feature and its capabilities to support a failover clustered instance and the new SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Group feature

  • Windows Server Failover Clustering Configuration
  • SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster Instance Installation - Initial Cluster Node
  • SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster Instance Installation - Failover Cluster Node

Installing & Configuring a SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster

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