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Sometimes you might want to get some information about Azure virtual machines. In this article, we will explore Azure Graph API to extract information about your virtual machines with a very simple PowerShell script.

More information about Graph API :

Open the Azure Portal, go to App Registrations

 App Registrations

Click New Registration to create a new app

New Registration

Enter a friendly name to your application. Regarding the URI, it is optional, so you can add https:///localhost


Once it is created, you will see the information on the home page. We will need to copy/paste these information later.

Home page

Go to Certificates & secrets to create a Client Secret that will be used to authenticate to the Azure REST API calls.

Certificates & secrets

Click on New Client secret to generate the secret.

New Client secret

Add a description and select if you want expiration or not

Add a description

Be careful, you have to save the key somewhere as it will not be accessible after.

Save the key somewhere

Now go to Subscription and the IAM blade. Click Add / Add role assignment

Add role assignment

Search the App created previously and select the Reader role for your App.

Reader role

Copy/paste the subscription ID as it will be required later.

Subscription ID

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Everything is ok, so now we can use the following PowerShell script in order to query the Azure subscription.

This script returns information about Virtual Machines.

Information about Virtual Machines

Of course, you can get information about all the Azure resources, please check the following documentation:

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