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Change the Windows Admin Center certificate

  • January 16, 2020
  • 2 min read
A datacenter and cloud solution architect specializing in public, hybrid, and private cloud technologies. He is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management and an MCSE in Private Cloud.

Windows Admin Center

Today, I connected to my Windows Admin Center, and I had the following error message that says that my certificate is expired:

Error message

I renewed my certificate, and to change it in the WAC, you just need to import the new certificate on the server, and get his thumbprint:


When you’ve this key, just go in the configuration panel, and search Windows Admin Center. Click on Change:

WAC configuration panel

Choose to modify the WAC:

Choose to modify the WAC

Replace the thumbprint by the new certificate that you copied previously and click on Change:

Replace the thumbprint

The WAC service will restart. When it’s done, the certificate on your WAC has been changed:

WAC has been changed

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