Upgrade your
StarWind Virtual SAN
to full-blown
StarWind HCI Appliance

Most businesses eventually hit a wall with their IT infrastructure capabilities. Some of the common obstacles are:

  • Keeping servers reaching EOL (End-Of-Life) operational is turning more and more expensive.
  • Workload increases over time and no longer fits into current hardware.
  • There are often no spare resources to dedicate to the upgrade process.

Replace existing cluster which runs on close to EOL hardware with a powerful StarWind HCI Appliance and solve the above mentioned issues.

  • Cutting-edge Dell servers, all-NVMe storage, topped with GPU-accelerated I/O, allow to forget about upgrades for another 5-7 years.
  • Accommodate the growing workload and allow apps to run without issues.
  • Leave the heavy lifting associated with new cluster provisioning and data migration to StarWind engineers. As a result, you'll have happy admins gone fishing and one throat to choke for support.
  • P.S: BYOL or transfer your software licenses for free. Yes, we allow this.

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