Make an Educated Purchase-
Starwind Virtual SAN

Choosing StarWind Virtual SAN as the
software-defined storage (SDS) that will never
fail you despite any odds, means also getting:

  • Transparent permanent licensing
  • Absence of hardware compatibility lists (HCLs)
  • Integration into any infrastructure
  • Compatibility with the hypervisor of choice
  • Endless scalability options (no vendor lock-in)
  • Simple resource distribution and management
  • High availability starting with two nodes
  • And more (included in each license at no extra cost)

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StarWind FAMs* You Were Too Modest to Bust

*Frequently Asked Myths

StarWind isn’t a charity.
What’s the catch?

Everything is quite simple: StarWind tailors its solutions to a grossly overlooked market of Enterprise ROBO, SMB & Edge. Corporate hyperconvergence vendors have little consideration for the business agility and continuity of such organizations. StarWind, as a pioneer of hyperconvergence and virtualization, offers enterprise-level features with an SMB price tag. After all, this segment is the main driving force behind any economy.

Is there some concealed way of earning
from licensing?

StarWind prides itself on its transparent licensing. StarWind Virtual SAN licensing, as well as other licensing for other StarWind products, is standardized and differs only by capacity. There are no feature paywalls, no socket-derived licensing, or any licensing pitfalls. We value our customer’s trust, and quality over quantity is what has been ensuring our 15+ years of success.

What makes StarWind VSAN different from
competitive offers?

Everything. StarWind VSAN is the only SDS that allows you to achieve high availability starting with two nodes. You can lose an entire node and a disk in a 2-node scenario or lose two nodes if you choose 3-way replication. No need for a witness entity. No HCLs. You need to ensure a minimum set of requirements for production purposes and you’re good to go.

What does “StarWind eliminates the
need for shared storage” mean?

StarWind VSAN eliminates the need for physical shared storage, permanently. Thanks to mirroring of hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, as an SDS, it creates a fault-tolerant storage pool by utilizing every bit of your underlying storage capacity plus cloud resources. You can revamp your existing infrastructure or choose StarWind VSAN to be the flawless foundation for a new one.

Is StarWind VSAN hard to manage? I don’t want to
surf through manuals.

StarWind VSAN is easy to install and operate. Thanks to an intuitive Web UI, you can distribute your resources the way you want them. Partition your environment for production, testing, and other purposes with no performance drops. Minimum sysadmin knowledge is sufficient enough to drive StarWind VSAN like a pro.

How’s the support? Other vendors make
me wait for hours or days.

Our support engineers are readily available and answer within 1 hour at most after you’ve submitted your ticket. Not only do we help you resolve the issue, we explain in detail what happened and provide you with any necessary tips to avoid the issue in the future. Just to be sure, we always follow up to see if you're doing fine.

Endless scalability, really? What does
that even mean?

StarWind VSAN works on any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. You choose how you want to compile your infrastructure and which software you want to choose for your environment. Unlike other hyper-converged infrastructure(HCI) vendors, we don’t create vendor lock-in. You purchase your permanent license without creativity restrictions.

Since I’m already here:
Any other perks?

StarWind VSAN licensing includes the option of assisted migration (at no extra cost). Our engineers will deploy and configure the solution and help you migrate to it for free. They will explain all the standard issues to you and answer any other question you may have during the deployment.

You are free to choose ProActive Premium Support that will monitor your environment 24/7/365 to avoid any issues (71% StarWind users are ProActive Users).

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