StarWind VSAN

The Foundation
for Your

StarWind Virtual SAN runs on top of your chosen hypervisor and “mirrors” direct-attached storage between hypervisor servers, creating a distributed storage pool shared across cluster nodes. Drive down your IT infrastructure costs and complexity substantively by superseding a physical SAN with a virtual SAN from StarWind.

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  • Immediate ROI

    All features are available right away, bringing immediate benefits with no conditionalities.

  • High Performance

    Experience close to 100% IOPS and have all your applications on their best behavior.

  • Simplified Routine

    Monitor and manage your IT resources from an intuitive unified web user interface (UI).

  • Subscription Model

    Kickstart with VSAN any time and pay modest subscription fees simply as part of your OpEx.


  • Unchecked Scaling

    StarWind works with any hardware, any hypervisor, and has no scalability restrictions.

  • Non-Existent Bottlenecks

    VSAN upholds all industry-standard storage protocols for ultimate performance optimization.

  • Two-Node Fault Tolerance

    Achieve true fault tolerance thanks to “mirroring,” starting with 2 nodes (no witness needed).

  • Smooth Disaster Resistance

    Experience zero data loss or performance hiccups even if you lose one node plus one disk.