I have to stop blogging because my wife gives birth soon, so I want to spend more time with my family rather than at my office or lab. Maybe, I’ll start writing again someday, who knows.

When she says that you may need more space soon expectations vs. reality

This occasion doesn’t mean that starwindsoftware.com/blog/hyper-v closes. It was helpful for many, and that’s why I decided just to fully delegate blogging to my friend. The experience and knowledge we both shared here may be helpful for both experienced users and those who have just started building and managing their environments. That’s why this resource must go on, I believe. Yes, I closed the homepage for a while thinking of closing the blog at all. Later, I changed my mind and decided to leave this resource to my friend, Dmitriy Dolgiy.

Dmitriy is not some random guy, I know him for a while, and so do you. He’s been writing here sometimes. I was focused more on SQL stuff lately while Dmitriy was doing everything else. Considering that you loved the recent studies about NVMe-oF initiators, I am sure that starwindsoftware.com/blog/hyper-v is in good hands.

Some words about Dmitriy’s bio. Dmitriy is a skillful admin with tons of experience in virtualization. This guy is a tough cookie, you know. He learned to fix some things through breaking them first; anyway, things like that happen to all of us. And, if you need a workout plan, he’s the right guy to ask for it