Reliability has been solid for 5 years – no downtime at all!
Our downtime dropped substantially and maintenance windows have been eliminated.
Much easier to maintain than other complex redundant solutions.
Support is great, available 24/7, and I no longer have to come in on weekends!
Very stable, takes up very little space, excellent support, easy to implement and use.
It is extremely easy to set up and comes with most options pre-configured for you.
It does everything they advertise, which we say after extensive testing.

TrustRadius about StarWind HCI

Enough ruminating about it.
Check it out already!
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StarWind Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

  • Offers free assisted migration in every license
  • Tailors to provide desired performance figures
  • Brings unique $/IOPS and $/TB ratios
  • Includes ProActive 24/7 Support
  • Supports HCI, CI, and mixed HCI scenarios
  • Provides minimalistic two-node fault tolerance
  • Comes as omni-compatible without HCLs
  • Ensures minimal hardware footprint