StarWind Backup Appliance

The backup solution from StarWind brings unprecedentedly fast backup and restore speed, eliminating the backup window concept entirely. Its novel design also makes your entire backup infrastructure immutable, “air-gapped” from ransomware on all levels, and exceptionally easy to manage.

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Totally Innovative Backup Server

StarWind Backup Appliance foregoes HDDs and brings the power of all-NVMe to modern SMB backup infrastructure. Our solution comes ready-to-backup, includes a unified management web UI and ProActive Support with call-back-home, machine learning, and automatic troubleshooting for flawless 24/7 operation.

Backup Appliances from StarWind unite cutting-edge components and services at a reasonable price.

Just look at what’s under the hood!
StarWind Backup Solution Features
Blazing-Fast Backup and Restore
Rock-Solid Ransomware Protection
United Web UI for Easy Operation
Lightning-Fast Disaster Recovery
Erasure Coding Against Drive Failure
24/7/365 ProActive Support
StarWind Backup Solution Features
All Backup Storage Bottlenecks Removed
Improved Backup Infrastructure ROI
Compatible with Veeam B&R and Veeam Instant VM Recovery
Backup Window Scheduling Eliminated
Low Hardware and Environmental Footprint
Comes Pre-Configured with Migration

Enter The New Age of Backup And Restore With StarWind