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If you’re suspicious about marketing and ads, there’s no better place to seek out advice on an IT product than turning to your peers for help. IT Central Station is a reputable platform that allows only authorized IT specialists to leave reviews on relevant products.

Based on real-life reviews, IT Central Station PeerPaper Report shares how:

StarWind HCA is effective and cost-efficient in a variety of use cases in any industry – from civil engineering and construction to healthcare and education.

Cost is significantly decreased by StarWind HCA driving the hardware footprint to a minimum as well as allowing to scale infinitely while maintaining stable, high uptime.

User experience with StarWind HCA is dramatically enhanced by zero downtime, operation simplicity, free migration assistance, and 24/7/365 proactive support.

The biggest thing we were looking for was redundancy, with both the compute and the storage, so that way we could lose a full node and still keep everything up and running, and not have to worry about it... StarWind was able to provide a solution for what we wanted, - to provide for redundancy.

Kristopher Skully, System Administrator

The support is the most valuable feature. The support has been amazing. It's around the clock. One of our hard disks accidentally ejected without me knowing or being onsite. They called and told me about it before I had a chance to see it myself.

Matt Thomas, Network Manager

The hardware footprint is perfect. It fits in our rack perfectly, and we were able to condense a lot of physical servers we had. It has greatly eliminated the excess stuff in our server rack...

Claire Madison, IT Manager