iSCSI Storage - 2010

Support Engineer, StarWind Software
Published: April 2010
Duration: 48:11
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Key points of the webinar

  • Overview of SAN technology
  • SAN vs. Direct Attached Storage
  • Live demo: step-by-step configuration of StarWind


This webcast covers the iSCSI technology and industry standard as it stands in 2010. It also explains how you can use iSCSI storage for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V with Live Migration or any other server applications that you configure for High Availability with failover clustering. You will learn that iSCSI SAN can be build with SAN Software and any standard Intel-architecture x86 or x64 servers that you can apply in your IT environment and have a highly available and highly reliable storage infrastructure with advanced features such as Synchronous Mirroring with Automatic Failover, Remote Replication for disaster recovery, CDP/Snapshots and Thin Provisioning. You can also download the accompanying whitepaper "Why iSCSI 2010" from the whitepaper section of our website.

Learn about iSCSI:
  • What iSCSI trends to expect in 2010
  • Why iSCSI is better than Fibre Channel
  • Why your existing IP network is great for storage
  • How to protect your IP SAN on your network

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