StarWind Virtual SAN® Virtual Tape Library on Amazon Web Services with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2016

Published: June 2017

StarWind Virtual Tape Library is a software solution allowing to emulate physical tape libraries while storing data on HDDs. The solution targets companies that want to completely replace their physical tape library, as well as simplify and accelerate the data backup and recovery process.

This guide provides a detailed instruction on how to deploy StarWind Virtual Tape Library on Amazon Web Services with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2016.

The first step is to install System Center Data Protection Manager 2016. Next, StarWind VTL on AWS must be deployed using the relevant link. After the VM is deployed, a volume for this VM must be created and attached.

Next, the virtual tape must be configured. Here, the appropriate server and drive must be selected and the VTL device created. The device type, VTL name, location and the device model must be specified. After that, the tape must be created and its type and size selected.

Afterward, the VTL must be integrated with SCDPM. To do this, the VM with SCDPM installed must be selected and iSCSI Initiator launched. Then, the target must be selected and connected and, if necessary, the driver for the VTL must be installed.

The following step is to add the VTL to SCDPM. To do this, SCDPM 2016 must be launched and the VTL should be discovered automatically. Then, the required tapes must be identified.

After this, a protection group must be created. Here, the clients or servers for protection must be selected and the necessary parameters for short-term and long-term protection together with the number of allocated drives must be specified. After this, a backup can be performed.

Next step is to restore data from the VTL. For this, the required recovery point and type must be selected, the destination host and path specified and the required Tape Library selected.

Further, tape optimization for DPM must be configured. For this, the required Protection Group must be selected and a name for optimization setup entered.

Finally, DPM can be configured for the short erase tape feature.

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