StarWind Virtual SAN is a software-based solution that clusters commodity servers into fault-tolerant and highly-available storage pool. It uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and requires neither dedicated hardware nor specialized management skills. StarWind Virtual SAN easily integrates with all major hypervisors, such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, or works without them as well. It starts on just two hosts, using less hardware than other solutions.

StarWind Virtual SAN Benefits:

  • Dramatic TCO Reduction. StarWind Virtual SAN allows for the better utilization of existing equipment and less hardware overall, eliminating the need for any additional purchases. Going hyper-converged, it starts from 2 nodes and scales out to infinity. As a result, CapEx and OpEx are decreased, leading to savings of up to 90%.
  • Uncompromised Performance. StarWind Virtual SAN uses proprietary sophisticated algorithms and technologies, namely Log-Structuring, In-line Deduplication, RAM caching and so on to keep performance at the top. In addition, it’s oriented on VM workload and suffers no negative effect on performance from random I/O dominating VM environment.
  • Immense Versatility. StarWind Virtual SAN will suit SMBs with small-scale deployments, Enterprises with extensive ROBO scenarios, where each location technically resembles a single SMB case. The reason the minimalistic hardware footprint and no requirement for specialized management or maintenance. In addition, it works great for ISPs, Cloud and Hosting providers with massive scale-out installations because StarWind Virtual SAN allows for easy reprovisioning of servers as storage.
  • Download StarWind Virtual SAN Free to enjoy the benefits of StarWind Virtual SAN without any investments. This version is perfect for Test and Development or Proof of Concept cases. When the project reaches production stage, StarWind Virtual SAN Free easily upgrades to the commercial version without any disruption.
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StarWind Virtual SAN
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