StarWind V2V Converter Help : Command Line Interface

Working through the command line:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe command parameter1=value1 parameter2=value2 parameter3=value3...


convert - convert virtual or physical disk 

list - list available disks

Parameters for convert command:

in_host_type=<esx/win/local>, default value - local

in_host_address=<ip address/hostname/localhost>, default value - localhost

in_host_port=<port number> (default for esx - 443, for windows - not used)

in_host_username=<username>, default - empty

in_host_password=<password>, default - empty

in_file_name=<path to file on server/physyical disk name/logical volume name>

out_host_type=<esx/win/local>, default value - local

out_host_address=<ip address/hostname/localhost>, default value - localhost

out_host_port=<port number> (default for esx - 443, for windows - not used)

out_host_username=<username>, default - empty

out_host_password=<password>, default - empty

out_file_name=<path to file on server>

out_file_type=<file type>

File types:

ft_vhd_thin- MS VHD thin-provisioned;

ft_vhd_thick - MS VHD thick-provisioned;

ft_vhdx_thin - MS VHDX thin-provisioned;

ft_vhdx_thick - MS VHDX thick-provisioned;

ft_vmdk_ws_thin- VMDK thin-provisioned for VMware Workstation;

ft_vmdk_ws_thick - VMDK thick-provisioned for VMware Workstation;

ft_vmdk_esx - VMDK thick-provisioned for VMware ESXi Server;

ft_vmdk_so -  VMDK stream-optimized;

ft_raw - RAW image;

ft_qcow2 - QCOW2 virtual disk.

Parameters for list command:

object=<object type>

Object types:

ot_disks - local physical disks

ot_volumes - local logical volumes


Convert local .img file to local vmdk file:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe convert in_file_name="c:\test\disk.img" out_file_name="d:\disk.vmdk" out_file_type=ft_vmdk_ws_thick

Convert remote vhdx to remote vmdk file:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe convert in_host_type=win in_host_address=hyper1.acme.local in_host_username="user1" in_host_password="pwd1" in_file_name="d:\virtual machines\vm_sql\disk1.vhdx" out_host_type=esx out_host_address="esx1.acme.local" out_host_username="root" out_host_password="pwd2" out_file_type=ft_vmdk_esx out_file_name="[datastore1] vm1/disk1.vmdk"

Convert local physical disk 1 to remote esx disk:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe convert in_file_name="\\?\PhysicalDisk1" out_host_type=esx out_host_address="esx1.acme.local" out_host_username="root" out_host_password="pwd2" out_file_name="[datastore1] vm2/disk2.vmdk"

List local physical disks:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe list object=ot_disks

List local disk volumes:

V2V_ConverterConsole.exe list object=ot_volumes