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  • Tap Room Meeting: Bluff in Hyper-Converged Stuff, and the Ways to See Through It

Tap Room Meeting: Bluff in Hyper-Converged Stuff, and the Ways to See Through It

Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.
Published: April 2015
Duration: 23:07
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Key points of the webinar

  • Mixing shared storage and hypervisor in one server
  • HyperConverged Appliance bluffs
  • Hyperconvergence for your IT environment and its benefits


So you’re out in a hunt for new components to start building a scalable virtualization environment at last. Now watch out, because you’re about to bite the bait set by hyper-converged computing vendors.
Some of the baits look as simple as price or feature, smart set up multiple baits like bluffing claims to be “hardware agnostic” or allowing for both scale up and scale out and then they increase their chance for luck of getting a backdoor to your IT budget.
You want to learn how to avoid these baits and caveats and build a truly robust and scalable virtualization environment without having to sell your car and house?
Watch our Tap Room Meeting and see how StarWind Virtual SAN allows to create a highly available and scalable virtualization environment using any hardware and hypervisor of your choice.

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