Successfully Overcoming an I/O Blender!

Anatoly Vilchinsky, Solution Engineer, StarWind Software
Published: June 2013
Duration: 39:37
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Key points of the webinar

  • Introduction into StarWind Virtual SAN solution
  • StarWind Log-Structured File System technology and how it fights I/O Blender effect


Is your storage server flooded with random I/O streams of countless VMs? StarWind’s soon-to-be-released Log-Structured File System (LSFS) directly addresses I/O blender problems. No matter how many VMs you are running, their I/O loads are written as a single BIG block.

StarWind LSFS:
  • Boosts write performance manifold
  • Speeds up recovery in virtual environments
  • Ideally suits flash and parity-based (RAID5/6) spindle arrays

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