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Virtual SAN (VSAN)

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is a software that eliminates any need for physical shared storage by simply "mirroring" internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers. It's compatible with the hypervisor of your choice, be it Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere/ ESXi, Linux KVM, or Xen. StarWind VSAN is tailored for Enterprise remote offices and branch offices (ROBO), small and medium businesses (SMB) & Edge: true two-node scenario*, transparent licensing, and support brought to another level**.

Gain 99.9999% uptime and full fault tolerance thanks to this unique VSAN from the only all-flash hyperconvergence vendor, using your existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware right now.

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*No witness is required
**ProActive Premium Support - health monitoring system that сompletely eliminates customer effort involved in identifying and troubleshooting an issue or even submitting a support case.

StarWind Virtual SAN is also available as an OEM component for your own solution.
Speed up your time to market, deliver better customer lifetime value, and gain a competitive edge. We're here to help!
Our dedicated OEM team will help you design a solution that exceeds your expectations.

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) Hallmarks
Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

StarWind VSAN has been designed with small
businesses’ needs and restricted IT budgets in mind.
It pulls out close to 100% of the IOPS from your
existing raw storage —no crazy expensive hardware required. Licensing is flexible and transparent without any pitfalls or feature paywalls.
Enterprise-grade product
with an SMB price tag.

Unrivaled Performance on Minimalist Terms

Virtual SAN from StarWind ensures high uptime
and fault tolerance starting with just two nodes.
You don’t need a witness if you don’t want to have
one. Your IT environment won’t skip a beat even
if you lose an entire node plus one individual
storage device, HDD or SSD. Scale up, down,
or out when and how you need it.
Cost-efficiency and unbeatable
performance hand-in-hand.

Unique and Amped Up User Experience

Operate your HCI clusters through a unified
StarWind web UI. Our engineers will assist
in migrating your existing workload to StarWind
at no extra cost! Choose ProActive Premium
Support and let us “babysit” your IT 24/7/365:
you do whatever you want, and we’ll identify and
troubleshoot any issues ourselves and let you
know what was up later.
StarWind VSAN is all about
carefree user experience.


Microsoft S2D


  • Per-core licensing. Available only with Windows Server Datacenter license
  • High initial pricing with licensing sold per CPU and socket
  • 60% of raw perf. Solution built for disk initially
  • 15% of raw perf. HDD-oriented solution
  • All intended features are available
  • Next-tier licenses unlock better features
  • Per-case. Available in the Enterprise agreement
  • Per-case. Available on public forums. Enterprise agreement
  • Complicated operation that requires highly educated and skilled staff
  • Demands educated personnel to deploy and manage. Management tool is sold separetly

StarWind VSAN

  • Per-node licensing, with a special ROBO licensing plan (affordable) that depends on the quantity of locations that will have VSAN installed
  • Grants access to all of the features from the get-go
  • Includes 24/7/365 rapidly responsive support, and customers can opt for ProActive Premium Support for instant response and infrastructure "babysitting"
  • Can be easily managed by existing virtualization admins who can monitor and operate everything via the built-in StarWind Management Console
Having second thoughts?
We got all the answers you need
Having second thoughts?
We got all the answers you need
Resiliency & Scalability

with Two Nodes

Our solution has been specifically designed to bring enterprise-grade features to SMBs, which do not operate corporate budgets. StarWind VSAN requires no witnesses and brings all the promised benefits in a two-node scenario already. However, if the customer decides to grow their infrastructure, they can easily scale up and out even with this small configuration.

Maintain and Scale
as You Go

Even in its standard edition, StarWind provides everything it promises within the outlined capacity limitation. After it’s installed in your cluster node and connected to another one in the cloud, it provides constant uptime even without switches or any other additional equipment. Thanks to mirroring of hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, your environment also becomes ready for any disasters.

Lose 50% of Infrastructure
and Still No Downtime

StarWind VSAN doesn’t care for hardware compatibility lists and can be deployed on any commodity hardware that you already got. Its organically functioning feature set allows achieving even high availability at a minimum hardware footprint, leaving much room for flexible and smart budgeting. You gain a truly fault-tolerant virtual storage pool, which allows you to maintain or modify your infrastructure however you like while enjoying a perpetually smooth performance.
Starwind Features
Synchronous Replication

VSAN immediately copies data to the second node over the network to ensure instant failover for your mission-critical applications.

High-Performance iSCSI Stack

VSAN allows getting the most out of your underlying storage over iSCSI.

Responsive Support

Includes rapidly responsive helpful 24/7/365 support and allows performing hardware maintenance on one of the nodes without any performance drops.

All of the benefits are ensured thanks to the solution's elaborate feature set that's entirely available with every license. We are constantly working to perfect StarWind VSAN to meet your growing demands. You can check its evolution in the release notes.
What The World Says About Us

StarWind included as Niche Player for the third consecutive time in 2020 Magic Quadrant for HCI

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Industry: Finance
Company size: 3b – 10b usd
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Success Stories

We were able to build 2-node storage clusters based on virtualization in 19 hypermarkets without any problems and with high cost-efficiency.

Vass Sandor, IT Infrastructure Leader

By being able to virtualize our environment with StarWind, we were able to retire some old hardware, get our services highly available, reduce power consumption and heat in our server closet.

David Gardner, Information Systems Manager

We are satisfied with StarWind. The support is really fantastic. Whenever any issue arises, the response is very prompt, and solution is immediate.

Srinivas Kouda, Company’s Representative

StarWind got us off the clustered environment, which was a big help. So, I could regain control of my storage and reclaim and redistribute the space we desperately needed.

Ryan Fulton, Company’s Representative

Price + Simplicity. StarWind VSAN offers great pricing and allows us to get work done without expensive custom hardware. It also makes getting back online quick and easy after an outage or hardware failure.

Aaron Hayes, IT Manager

We chose StarWind Mainly because of the cost compared to other vendors. Simplicity of setup was also a major factor and I like the fact that you don’t need a vendor certified engineer to perform the installation.

John Harris, Windows System Administrator,
Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Because of recommendations of older colleagues, with StarWind, we got a reliable storage with no additional hardware. There was a need to increase IT infrastructure performance and we saw StarWind as the most cost-effective solution.

Željko Medić, Director of IT Department

StarWind is the best storage product I have ever used! It satisfies and exceeds requirements.

Joe Gursky, Director of IT
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