StarWind Virtual SAN with VVOLs Tech Preview Banner

Virtual Volumes, or VVOLs, is the new technology introduced by VMware. It is meant to replace VMDK-disks as the basic frame storage element and is claimed to be much more efficient in managing the underlying storage in virtualized environments. According to VMware, VVOLs improves resource utilization and reduces the time required for specific operations, such as backup. Everyone eager to test the capabilities of Virtual Volumes can do it right here and right now, thanks to StarWind.

Our engineers have compiled a special version of StarWind Virtual SAN, configured to work with VVOLs Tech Preview. This “Tech Preview” may be a demonstration platform, but thanks to StarWind, it can be freely utilized in production. It is intended for all users who want to see the working principles of Virtual Volumes through first-hand experience and, basically – “learn the ropes”. For obvious reasons, this version of StarWind VSAN has a restricted set of features. All features unnecessary for VVOLs testing are disabled, such as Fault-Tolerance and High-Availability. Fill in the form and get your StarWind Virtual SAN with Virtual Volumes Tech Preview now.

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