StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance


A huge number of companies utilize commercial server OS from Microsoft, because they are widespread, versatile and supported. Still, the amount of Linux-based servers among businesses is noticeable. That’s why many software developers maintain Linux versions of their products in order to seize this part of the market. StarWind decided to follow them in this endeavor, creating Linux-based StarWind VSA, a step into Linux-oriented IT infrastructure.


When a company’s IT infrastructure is mostly Linux-based, it is inconvenient to use StarWind Virtual SAN that needs a Windows Server “launchpad”. Taking into account the cost of each Windows license, the idea becomes simply unwise.


StarWind Virtual SAN inside a Linux virtual machine allows users to avoid licensing Windows when it is unnecessary, saving costs for Linux-oriented infrastructures. It is also the most simple and straightforward way of deploying StarWind Virtual SAN to literally any infrastructure, regardless of hypervisor and OS.
StarWind Virtual SAN deploys from a pre-configured VM appliance


Utilizing StarWind Virtual SAN in the form of Linux VSA allows the user to create a virtual shared storage without spending anything on SDS or Windows licenses. Additionally, Linux-based StarWind VSA is very simple and easy to deploy, being basically a pre-configured virtual machine ready for deployment and use.

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