StarWind Virtual SAN® StarWind Tape Redirector

Published: July 2017

StarWind Tape Redirector is a part of StarWind Virtual SAN functionality and is installed on a server with the attached tape drive, creating an iSCSI "gateway" to a tape library. The Tape Redirector allows any backup application located on a remote server to transfer data to tapes over LAN or WAN using the iSCSI protocol. Thus, VMs gain access to tape drives and perform backups directly to the tape library via iSCSI.

The guide further describes the configuration process of StarWind Tape Redirector.

This document assumes that StarWind Virtual SAN is already installed on the server which is connected to a tape library.

The first step is to configure StarWind Tape Redirector. To do this, tape device must be selected in the StarWind Virtual SAN Management Console. Then, physical tape auto-loader/changer and tape auto-loader/changer device must be chosen and access mode specified.

Next, tape drive and access mode must be selected. After this, the target alias must be entered and the box “Allow multiple concurrent iSCSI Connections” checked. After creating a new device, it will appear in the StarWind Management Console.

Afterward, the newly created device should be discovered and connected in the iSCSI Initiator. Once the connection is successful, the iSCSI device will be shown as connected.

Finally, the tape and medium changer devices will appear as local.

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