StarWind Virtual SAN® Providing HA storage repositories for XenServer Pool

Published: March 2017

This document is created for experienced XenServer and Windows system administrators and IT professionals who would like to add StarWind® virtual storage to their XenServer Pool and provides users with a step-by step instructions about configuring shared storage in a XenServer Pool Compute and Storage separated environment; it contains detailed description of creating an HA devices and explains the way of setting up XenServer Pool and XenServer nodes. The document particularly focuses on the process of configuring an iSCSI initiator and connecting and mounting created datastores.

Traditionally XenServer Pool requires having some sort of shared storage to guarantee data safety, allow virtual machines migration, enable continuous application availability and eliminate any single point of failure within IT environment.

Compute and Storage separated solutions that keep compute and storage layers separately from each other, thus making maintenance easier, increasing hardware usage efficiency and allow building the system accurately for solving the task.

This document assumes that you have at least 2 physical servers with XenServer and XenCenter installed. It also assumes that you have 2 physical servers with StarWind® Virtual SAN installed and configured having 2 replicated and synchronized virtual storage devices.

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