StarWind Virtual SAN® Creating VVols HA Datastore with StarWind Cluster

Published: May 2017

vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) is a set of application program interfaces supplying information for the VMware ecosystem. This integration allows configuring StarWind Virtual SAN resources as storage containers for virtual machines and provides more efficient management for the architecture simplifying storage provisioning and consumption.

This guide describes how to configure HA VVols Datastore registering the StarWind VASA Provider in VMware vCenter Server and thereby facilitating communication between vCenter and the Storage.

The first step is to install StarWind Cluster Service, launch StarWind Virtual SAN setup and choose the necessary components. After this, two VVols-type targets on both StarWind nodes should be created.

The second step is configuring StarWind HA Datastore. To do this, it is necessary to log into StarWind VM Controller, create the cluster, add nodes to the StarWind cluster and specify IP addresses of both nodes. After this, profiles for the storage nodes must be created and the purposes of the network interfaces configured.

The next step is creating Datastore where the datastore name, size in MB, and the storageNodeProfileUid of the first node must be specified. Then, the second node should be added and the storageNodeProfileUid and datastoreUid specified. After this, the VASA Provider must be bound to the MAC address of the network interface card or the Hostname.

After that, iSCSI-connections must be configured. First, it is necessary to log into the vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client. Then, the iSCSI Targets must be connected to the ESXi hosts and Storage Adapters re-scanned.

Next, StarWind VASA Provider must be registered with vCenter. To do this, Storage Providers must be chosen and VASAUrl, User name and Password must be entered. After this, the certificate must be accepted and the registration of the Provider must be verified.

Finally, VVols Datastore must be created. To do this, the Storage tab on the server must be chosen and New Datastore selected. Then, the Datastore Type must be specified as VVol and the new VVols Datastore name entered.

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