StarWind RAM Disk White Paper

Published: October 2017
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During the past years, the average installed RAM size has increased tremendously, and it’s quite affordable to have RAM of the same capacity as some five-year-old HDD. As a result, this opens room for some new scenarios. For example, test and development, troubleshooting process or some niched deployments often require a high-performing storage. These are scenarios when size and data volatility don’t really matter since the used data is usually temporary.

That’s where StarWind RAM Disk becomes a perfect fit. It is a free tool which creates a high-performing virtual storage device by turning a part of the RAM into a virtual disk. Thus, StarWind RAM Disk can be used straight away, without the need for additional hardware since any installation has RAM already available.

To download the software products, please, make your choice below. An installer link and a license key will be sent to the e-mail address you’ve specified. If you consider StarWind Virtual SAN but are uncertain of the version, please check the following document Free vs. Paid. The recent build of Release Notes. A totally unrestricted NFR (Not For Resale) version of StarWind Virtual SAN is available for certain use cases. Learn more details here.

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