Scale Up is History! Is Scale Out the Future for Storage?

Chris M. EvansIndependent Consultant, Langton Blue Ltd.
Published: December 2014
Duration: 50:44
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Key points of the webinar

  • The difference between and the benefits of scale-out solutions and traditional scale-up ones
  • How to select the right scaling approach for your business


For many years, the dominant architecture for both compute and storage involved building bigger, faster "scale up" hardware as demand grew. However, efficient web scale companies like Google and Facebook have demonstrated there’s a place for scale-out architectures too. Watch the webinar to learn the difference in design and approach between scale up and scale out solutions, focusing on the benefits and disadvantages of each. The presentation covers both storage and hyper-converged solutions, with a review of the products in the marketplace today, including leading vendors such as Microsoft and VMware.

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