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Young America achieved IT infrastructure high availability without building a new environment from scratch

Published: July 16, 2018

StarWind has made a lot of people’s job easier knowing they have our back in case of an incident.

Brent Johnson, Systems Administrator


Before, Young America used to run a standalone ESXi host. Its disks were old and could go down at any time. To make its IT environment more reliable, the company decided to build an HA environment. And, as it usually happens, the organization considered a SAN device for that purpose first. However, after taking a closer look at physical SANs prices, the Young America decided to deploy a virtual one.


Young America has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN for its ability to deliver high availability without breaking the bank and great reputation on various tech forums. StarWind Virtual SAN is well-known among IT pros. It also has numerous positive reviews by current users who stay with StarWind for a long time. The solution allowed Young America to build an HA environment in a cost-efficient way. Its deployment brought peace of mind to IT department and upper management because even if any of old disks goes down, there won’t be any downtime. Also, the resulting soultion is less expensive than a traditional physical SAN and is not that tough in management. StarWind Virtual SAN is truly hardware agnostic, so no additional hardware is needed for its deployment: it, basically, does well with off-the-shelf equipment.

About the Company

Young America helps any business, be it large or small, to engage with its customers in a more efficient way. For that purpose, the company digitizes rebates, promotions, and sweepstakes taking away the paper-based function they used to have.

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Digital marketing in promotion and rebates

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Brent Johnson, Systems Administrator