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WD® Integrates StarWind® iSCSI SAN & NAS to Their WD Sentinel TM DX4000 NAS Appliance

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Published: April 5, 2013

StarWind enables WD Sentinel DX4000 to host virtual machines (VMs). This was previously not possible due to the lack of an iSCSI target and the proper versions of SMB and NFS protocols that are required by Microsoft® Hyper-V®, VMware® ESXi/ vSphereTM, and Citrix® XenServer ® to operate.

WD Sentinel currently supports both SAN and NAS protocols and makes it possible to configure unified storage to serve not only as a backup destination but also as a primary VM-centric storage.


StarWind brings years of maturity and thousands of satisfied users to the table. Basically the same code running WD Sentinel was trialed and deployed into productions by numerous customers worldwide within the recent 5 years of StarWind’s history.


StarWind is configured and managed through the WD Sentinel Dashboard. The solution has an intuitive and standardized interface that eliminates the need for specialized training because both StarWind and Dashboard are native Windows® applications running on top of a Windows Storage Server.


StarWind offers high performance caching. It uses fast RAM to buffer I/O operations, thereby effectively decreasing a number of actual reads and writes touching the spindle and increasing overall system performance as a result.

Upgrade to the enterprise-ready StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS to create fault tolerant, scalable and high performance “Software-Defined-Storage” for your datacenter.

StarWind enables customers to

  • Unlock the full virtualization power of the leading hypervisors and benefit from vMotion, Live Migration, High Availability, Load Balancing, Failover Clustering and other features relying on shared storage as a required component.
  • Ensure 99.9999% uptime with synchronous data mirroring between 2 or 3 nodes in a StarWind storage cluster.
  • Experience the advantages of the software with full integration and production assistance: pre-sale, post-sale and premium support; remote sessions; deployment, configuration and management services. We don’t just deliver the software; we ship what is called the “whole product”.
  • Reduce your hardware footprint at least by half with the StarWind software that runs on the hypervisor server and does not require dedicated server hardware and a corresponding network infrastructure.
  • Increase VM density especially critical to all-flash-around installations with the use of StarWind in-line deduplication being VM workload aware.