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StarWind Virtual Tape Library: Overview

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Published: May 29, 2018

Value proposition

For organizations looking to eliminate their costly tape-based backup processes without undermining the established regulatory data archival and retention rules, StarWind offers Virtual Tape Library (VTL). Ensure ransomware protection for your backup data by keeping it on ransomware-resilient virtual tapes. Replicate and tier your backups to AWS, Azure or any other public cloud of your preference for maximum storage cost efficiency. And finally, take advantage of any industry-standard object storage array to flexibly scale your local storage.


For system administrators who are willing to maintain the backup environment with their own efforts, StarWind delivers a Free version of Virtual Tape Library. StarWind VTL Free provides the unlimited feature set and a GUI operating only in the monitoring mode. The support for StarWind VTL Free is available only in the open public community forum.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library: Overview


Monitoring through Web UI/Thick Client + + + +
Management through Web UI/Thick Client + + +
RDP/Phone/Email Support with 1 hour or 4 hour SLA +

(purchased separately)

Single point of support for backup and storage stack + +*
Cloud Storage Support + + +** +
Object Storage Support + + +

* Single point of support is provided for hardware and software components included in the Appliance

** AWS only

The commonly asked question is how StarWind Cloud Storage Support differs from those integrated into AWS and Veeam? The difference lies in the approach that StarWind undertakes for storing data and tiering it between the local and cloud storage. The table below compares the functionality of StarWind VTL, Veeam Availability Suite, and AWS Storage Gateway.

StarWind VTL Veeam Availability Suite AWS Storage Gateway
Cloud Storage Support + + +
Object Storage Support +
Ability to store backups locally + +
Flexible retention policies between on-premises, fast cloud, and archival cloud +



StarWind VTL keeps the established data archival and retention processes unchanged since it seamlessly integrates into the existing backup infrastructure. Furthermore, it saves time and efforts of the on-site IT team by automating the data replication process between the primary backup storage, on-premises object storage, and a public cloud.

Cost efficiency

StarWind VTL delivers maximum storage cost efficiency by allowing to tier and replicate backups to AWS, Azure or any other public cloud. What is more, StarWind VTL provides smart data de-staging between cloud storage with different performance and efficiency characteristics, ensuring optimal $/GB ratio.


StarWind VTL allows flexibly increasing the backup storage capacity by delivering both scale-up and scale-out options. You can easily scale up by using public cloud storage or scale out by adding the on-premises object storage. As the result, the backup infrastructure is sized without hardware resources overprovisioning.


Cloud Storage Support

StarWind VTL transparently tiers the existing local backup storage pools to Azure, AWS, or any other public cloud of your choice. Thanks to the cloud storage support, businesses can easily scale their storage capacity without acquiring any additional hardware. Moreover, public cloud storage provides the optimal $/GB rate for storing the long-term archival data.

Object Storage Support

StarWind VTL ensures exceptionally simple storage management by combining separate storage pools. It allows utilizing any industry-standard object storage arrays to extend the local storage capacity. Therefore, VTL unifies storage administration and automates the data flow between the primary backup storage, on-premises object storage, and public cloud storage.

StarWind Web-based Management

StarWind Web-based Management allows system administrators to easily access and manage their StarWind storage infrastructure remotely with any HTML5 web console. This functionality grants full control over the storage-related operations from PC, Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices.

Deduplication and Compression

StarWind VTL brings in both deduplication and compression technologies to increase the usable storage capacity and accelerate performance since the primary storage can store more data. Furthermore, this boosts the offsite replication and recovery processes by reducing the amount of data transferred.

Scale-Up and Scale-Out

StarWind VTL supports both scale-up and scale-out architectures. This allows to transparently extend capacity by using local object storage and public cloud storage. Additionally, you can scale the performance and reduce the backup time by adding more VTL instances which allows running multiple backup operations in parallel.