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Virtual Storage Appliance

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Published: February 8, 2017


Virtualization is accelerating through IT world, old projects are being closed and hundreds of new ones – started. Consequently, a lot of proof of concept (POC) work is going on. Testing and evaluation are essential parts of any virtualization project, defining the prospects in terms of money and time


The usual pitfall of any virtualization project is difficulty with some shared storage deployment, which is required for unlocking all the potential. Even for software-defined storage requires dedicated hardware to run on top of, which is often unavailable when it comes to POC. The hardware, in turn, needs a certain level of knowledge on how to configure it best. Sometimes this requirement surpasses the capabilities of generic IT team’s practical understanding and experience. Employing an extra specialist just for POC purposes is as inconvenient as purchasing new hardware.


Now there’s a special version of StarWind Virtual SAN, promptly deployed from a pre-configured VMware/Hyper-V compatible VM appliance. It installs on existing hardware shared with hypervisor automatically without any manual adjustments, requiring no specialized knowledge from the IT team. This version is testing-ready, but being VM-based it will need some tinkering from StarWind engineers for a clearer performance evaluation.

Virtual Storage Appliance

StarWind Virtual SAN deploys from a pre-configured VM appliance


Deploying StarWind Virtual SAN from a pre-configured VM appliance enables easy and fast evaluation of the solution on existing hardware without any special skills.