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Published: March 23, 2016


Versatility and convenience have made virtualization a worldwide trend in the IT sphere. Datacenters joined it with virtualized servers years ago and developed into VDI – a standard for modern virtual environment. Specifically, the usage of virtual machines has become the way to go for a typical datacenter today.


Pretty much every vendor in this market has developed its own VM on-disk format, thus there are many formats to work with. One hypervisor can’t use virtual machines created by another one, as different hypervisors use different VM formats. A company is switching from vSphere to Hyper-V, which happens quite often because of Microsoft’s convenient licensing, all VMs must be effectively moved to the new environment. Enterprise ROBO (Remote Office & Branch Office) solutions may involve different hypervisors in the main office and on remote locations, making it inconvenient to move VMs between them. In addition, when working with different sets of hardware, moved VMs may experience compatibility issues. Being able to switch VM formats on demand is essential for a virtual environment.

Hypervisor vendors typically have their own VM formats
incompatible with other hypervisors


StarWind V2V Converter converts virtual machines freely from one format to another. It works with major VM formats, namely VHD/VHDX, VMDK and StarWind native IMG. Both the source and the destination VM copies exist at the same time because the conversion procedure resembles cloning rather than replacement. This way the chance of data corruption and loss during conversion is completely eliminated. As a convenient side effect, StarWind V2V Converter basically creates a backup copy of the VMs, making the process even safer.

When converting the VM to VHDX format, StarWind V2V Converter enables the activation of Windows Repair Mode. This way the virtual machine will automatically adapt to the given hardware environment and negate any compatibility problems.

In comparison to hypervisors’ built-in converters that only work one way (converting to their original VM format), StarWind V2V Converter is much more efficient, because it works both ways, converting any format into another one and back.

StarWind V2V Converter freely converts VM formats


StarWind V2V Converter allows for the conversion of VMs from one format to another, basically “cloning” VMs and keeping the original copy intact.

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