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Takt Metal LLC Success Story

Published: June 11, 2012

The product demonstrated outstanding results… Now, we can definitely say that StarWind Virtual SAN is the investment that pays back.

Gennadyi Ruban, System Engineer, Takt LLC


We needed to create fail-safe network infrastructure. Therefore, we decided to deploy a fault-tolerant shared storage for our Hyper-V virtual machines. There were two production servers with sufficient free disk space. First of all, we analyzed the hardware and software storage solutions available on the market. Hardware storage solutions promised to deliver higher performance rates, but they were too expensive. In addition, we had planned to use our existing disk space resources, which would have become unnecessary if we had used this type of storage. Another significant drawback was a single point of failure, which the hardware storage vendors would not promise to remove.


Thus, we decided to implement software storage. Based on detailed analyses and tests of the available solutions, StarWind Virtual SAN turned out to be an ideal fit for our individual needs. It delivers the required data availability and business continuity. Moreover, StarWind Virtual SAN provides excellent performance rates because it is installed on Hyper-V hosts as opposed to VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). StarWind Virtual SAN has a user-friendly interface. You do not need to have any specific virtualization knowledge to deploy and set up this solution. On its official website, this vendor also provides multiple manuals and other documents with step-by-step instructions. The Russian translation is available for most of the documents. If any other assistance is required, the StarWind online support team is always helpful.


Business continuity and elimination of downtime

Now that we are using the shared storage built with StarWind, we can finally leverage all the benefits of virtualization with Hyper-V. Sometimes it is necessary to move VMs between the hosts and we can now use Live Migration and move running VMs. Our business cannot tolerate any downtime and we are, therefore, really grateful to StarWind for this solution that guarantees uptime and availability of our storage and services.

Use of existing hardware

With StarWind we created a highly available storage cluster: its two nodes, running in the Active-Active mode, ensure the constant availability of the stored data and services! Another great thing about StarWind is that we can to use our existing boxes. StarWind didn’t lock us into particular hardware and let us use standard servers. Thus, we saved money and managed to fit it all into our storage budget having created Highly Available SAN at an affordable price.

Reduction of the storage space requirements

Now we require less space for our data because of the highly-effective Dedupe delivered by StarWind. According to our calculations, we have managed to reduce the disk space requirements by 75%, which is a truly impressive result!

Acceleration of slow WAN connections

At the very beginning, we anticipated extra expenses for the networking stuff because our WAN links were slow. However, Deduplication reduced the amount of data transferred over the network thereby reducing the actual I/O and increasing IOPS rates. Thus, StarWind accelerated our WAN connections which meant we could avoid network expenses.

About the Company

Founded in 1995, Takt LLC is a retail and wholesale company that is specialized in the trade of roll tooling for mechanical engineering. The company is an official distributor of the two largest iron and steel plants in Ukraine as well as the market representative of the leading roll tool manufacturers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The company constantly expands its range of the rolled metal goods that it delivers on the market.


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