Webinar: End all that pain of adding new users manually in VMware vCenter

Published: March 5, 2018

Joining the already existing in Microsoft Active Directory (AD) group policy to VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) comes in handy once you face with large environments. By doing this, you’ll provide the existing in AD domain users with centralized management over vSphere and escape all that pain of adding the new ones manually. Find out from this video how to join VCSA to Microsoft AD for centralized VCSA domain users’ management.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) Configuration and Performance Tuning Guide

VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) is a complex of technologies designed to offload certain VM disk operations to the storage array. With VAAI is enabled during working with the disk subsystem, the ESXi host sends the commands to the array to perform the specific operations. Therefore, there is no need to process all the data. This guide describes how to configure and check VAAI functioning in StarWind Virtual SAN.

Success Story: LocalTel Communications Success Story

LocalTel Communications Deployed StarWind as Its Primary Storage to Obtain Necessary Level of Redundancy and Reliability "We strongly recommend StarWind solution. Since our initial deployment our storage needs have grown and the product has successfully grown with us. We have increased our storage exponentially without any complications. We can now perform maintenance on our storage cluster without creating an outage." - Michael J. Gage, Network Operations Manager, LocalTel Communications