Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN ODX (Off-loaded Data Transfer) Configuration and Performance Tuning Guide

ODX (Offloaded Data Transfers) is a feature allowing to accelerate certain “copy and move” operations by enabling them to be performed on the storage, instead of running them between the client and storage through the network. This guide describes how to configure and check ODX performance in StarWind Virtual SAN.

Webinar: Make your storage work for you: VAAI and ODX offload up to 30% of disk operations to the SAN

Published: April 15, 2015

Hypervisor CPU and Networking overhead is a common issue for operations like VM provisioning, migration, and cloning. There should be a way to enhance performance by offloading the unnecessary CPU load and shrinking the SAN traffic. ODX and VAAI features do exactly this by offloading routine disk tasks to the storage array so they will be executed more effectively.

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