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Published: September 10, 2019


Not so long ago, virtualization brought fundamental changes in the development of small & medium-sized companies (SMBs) and remote offices & branch offices (ROBOs). Increasingly, virtualization allows meeting the unique requirements of remote offices and Edge locations in ensuring the necessary flexibility and business continuity. The main rule of business of any level – “more is less” – still determines the competitiveness and economic value of any company. So, achieving fault tolerance and performance at minimum hardware resources, maximum ease of both management and licensing is the “big deal” for vSphere environments now.

StarWind introduces Virtual SAN (VSAN) for vSphere, a lightweight Linux-based virtual machine (VM), bringing all these benefits together to provide applications running at ROBOs & Edge with the performance they need.


To start with, software-defined storage (SDS) solutions often have limitations. It may be a tricky licensing, pushing users to advanced editions to scale their environments or unlock the necessary features or restrictions on nodes for licensing. Also, seeking for high availability of data and applications, the issue of compulsory licensing of an additional node arises constantly and you are obligated to pay for using three or more nodes.

On top of all of that, your SDS solution must comply with the hardware compatibility list (HCL) strictness. This factor inevitably limits users to specific hardware.

ROBOs and Edge IT takes the advantages of processing the data locally before moving it to the central datacenter. To provide the necessary resources for applications, ROBOs and companies that use Edge infrastructure often have to turn to all-flash arrays (AFA). The latter can deliver the desired speed and fulfill the SDS requirements. And, most vendors want you to go all-flash, but obviously, you don’t. Buying such hardware for each of your locations will burn out your budget because flash is still more expensive than disks.

Another problem is that complexity of datacenters continues to grow by the minute, and in order to speed up troubleshooting, simplify and streamline the processing of requests and services, SMBs and ROBOs turn to outsourced IT teams. But even that wouldn’t safeguard against the lack of relevant experience in working with special applications and IT infrastructure in those teams. As a result, money, energy, and strategic resources are wasted! In vain.

Hardware compatibility lists may be a serious constraint

Hardware compatibility lists may be a serious constraint


With StarWind VSAN for vSphere, a ready-to-go Linux-based VM, all these pains can be eliminated just in one click.

Forget about the complicated licensing. The solution is licensed per node, meaning that there are no more restrictions on features, storage size, and number of VMs – just deploy and enjoy! Furthermore, StarWind VSAN for vSphere can ensure high availability (HA) with only two nodes; there’s no need for licensing a witness entity.

Don’t worry about HCL strictness anymore. There are no any HCLs for StarWind VSAN for vSphere. It simply fits any configuration that meets its minimum requirements.

Increase storage utilization efficiency without an all-flash array. Zettabyte File System (ZFS) is included by default, allowing you to devise a fault-tolerant IT environment using the existing commodity hardware. In addition, StarWind VSAN for vSphere can work on top of Software RAID inside of VM.

Depending on the use case, you are welcome to configure the Software RAID you need (e.g., ZFS, MDADM). With StarWind VSAN for vSphere, you always hit the necessary performance without compromising cost-efficiency of your environment.

Focus on your low TCO without worrying about your IT environment functioning. You can easily manage the infrastructure on your own with convenient tools like a web console or thick client. Or, you can turn to StarWind ProActive Premium Support which helps to minimize interaction between an admin and IT infrastructure. Keep peace of mind with a single umbrella vendor monitoring the health of your IT environment.

You just do not need to care about hardware compatibility lists anymore

You just do not need to care about hardware compatibility lists anymore

StarWind VSAN for vSphere uses your local hypervisor cluster to create fault-tolerant and robust virtual shared storage, eliminating the need to buy a costly physical SAN. You can deploy it on any off-the-shelf hardware you already got. Thanks to mirroring of internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, you get a 2-node Highly Available cluster. There is no need for a witness instance, and you’re not restricted on storage size, features, or number of VMs. Your IT-environment will not only achieve constant uptime and skyrocketing performance, you will also save a good deal on CapEx and OpEx.
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When it comes to SMBs, ROBOs & Edge, the far-sighted use of resources, including financial ones, takes center stage. StarWind VSAN for vSphere allows you to achieve fault tolerance with maximum simplicity and a minimum amount of hardware. Thanks to StarWind VSAN for vSphere, you get rid of costly and complex configurations and see the efficiency of every cent invested.

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