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StarWind Virtual SAN ensures business continuity for Coram Showers

Published: May 19, 2016

“StarWind VSAN has done us well and I would certainly recommend it in my future career”

Steve Mills, Systems Administrator, Coram Showers


Coram Showers had only physical servers and no high availability at either storage or hypervisor level. That’s why no business continuity was ensured in case of the servers’ failure – the only recovery plan here involved procuring new equipment and restoring from backups. What the Company wanted was automatic services failover to a different building across a distance. “I did try other products but the process to even get a trial was extremely difficult, and the interface was over complicated,” – Steve Mills says.


StarWind solved the problem having provided a storage layer “span” across a distance. With every write the data immediately goes to two separate locations, so there are no delays and no risk of data loss.

With StarWind VSAN, the data is virtualized, takes little space and is immediately available in another location in case of server or rack failure, with no need in any recovery tools.


StarWind Virtual SAN ensures business continuity for Coram Showers

About the Company
The company produces Shower Enclosures, Shower Trays, and Bath Screens and belongs to Coram International headquartered in Holland

Manufacturing of shower products

Contact person
Steve Mills (Systems Administrator)

Only physical servers and no option of data failover to another location.

With StarWind VSAN data is written to two locations simultaneously, so in case of a disaster in one location, the data would be available in another one.