StarWind Resource Library

StarWind RAM Disk: Using as RAM Disk Emulator

Published: May 8, 2010


RAM disk device is an extremely fast virtual disk that completely resides in the random-access memory. Normally RAM disk devices are used to store temporary/cache files. This enables to dramatically improve the system performance.

Note: The content of a RAM disk is lost when a host turns off or reboots or the Ram disk device is deleted.

Adding new device

Launch the StarWind RAM Diskcontrol application by selecting Start->All Programs->StarWind Software->RAM Disk->RAM Disk. After the program is started its icon appears in the system tray. Double click the icon with the left mouse button or single click it with the right mouse button and select Start Managementitem from the pop-up menu. You’ll see a picture like the one below:

Select Add Device menu item from Device drop down menu or just press Add Device button on the application tray bar. New device installation wizard (see next page for the image) will appear.

On the first step of the New Device Installation Wizard please specify the parameters of the Local RAM disk device you have selected to add:

Local RAM disk size in MBs is exact size of the disk you wish to add (disk size should fit into amount of free memory your PC has).

Select Create formatted disk if you want new disk to be initially formatted so you could use it immediately (FAT file system is used). Otherwise you will have to format just created virtual disk drive manually.

Select Automount this device if you want new disk to be automatically recreated when you restart your PC. It means particular Local RAM disk device becomes available right after your PC boots and Windows starts.

Press Next button to continue.

On the last step of the New Device Installation Wizard confirm the installation results. If the new Local RAM disk device was installed correctly it should appear as a new disk volume in your system.

Press Finish button.


Removing existing device

In the StarWind RAM Disk control application please select the device you wish to remove and click it with the right mouse button.

Select Remove Device menu item from the pop-up menu that appears.

Use the Force Remove Device if you cannot remove a device in a normal way (e.g. it is locked by some application or process). However it is not recommended to use the Force Remove Device feature as it may cause loss of the data and general system instability.

Alternatively you can remove a device in such a way: right click the StarWind RAM Disk icon in the system tray and find the device you wish to remove.