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Speaker: Ivan Ischenko, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

SAN Software

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Support Engineer, StarWind Software

Duration: 55:08

Published: April 22, 2010

Key points of the webinar:

  • Overview of SAN technology
  • Application advantages of Shared Storage
  • Live demo: step-by-step configuration of the shared storage for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and other server applications

This webcast covers how to use SAN Software to turn any standard Intel-architecture x86 or x64 server into a highly available and highly reliable SAN with advanced features such as Synchronous Mirroring with Automatic Failover, Remote Replication for disaster recovery, CDP/Snapshots and Thin Provisioning.

Learn about SAN:

  • How to turn a standard 64-bit or 32-bit Windows server into a SAN
  • Use Storage Disaster Recovery features to protect your data
  • Learn to use High Availability, Mirroring, Remote Replication and CDP/Snapshots
  • Setup shared storage for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and other server applications