White Paper: The High Availability Features in SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition

This technical paper is intended for SQL Server users who are thinking of upgrading their SQL Server 2005. As there are two options available, namely SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016, this document is all you need to make the right decision based on your current high availability and disaster recovery requirements.

White Paper: Turning TBs into IOPS

This white paper introduces the Log-Structured File System, which allows StarWind Virtual SAN users to turn their inexpensive disk space into costly IOPS. It increases RAID performance by involving multiple spindles into processing of the same request.

White Paper: LSFS: Eliminating “I/O Blender”

This document describes the way Log-Structuring technology battles "I/O Blender" effect, which dramatically lowers virtual storage performance. Designed for VM-specific workload type, LSFS (Log-Structured File System) fights random I/O, keeping performance high.

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