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Speaker: Ivan Talaichuk, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Webinar: Microsoft Hyper-V: 4 Things You Should Know to Ensure Storage HA and Security

Published: March 3, 2015

Data protection, storage security and 24/7 operations are minimum requirements for every IT infrastructure. Virtualization offers many benefits, but it makes these three items absolutely crucial for business continuity. All Hyper-V administrators must deliver storage high availability (HA), properly secure the virtual environment and have redundant disaster recovery plans in place.

Webinar: How to Reduce Disaster Recovery Expenses up to 50% / DR & BC Best Practices for Virtual Environments

Published: November 14, 2014

View this webcast to learn why having an effective disaster recovery plan is so important and the additional protection one gets you over simple application or server resiliency. We’ll discuss the technical details involved in implementing a DR strategy in a virtual server environment that includes the StarWind Virtual SAN solution.

Webinar: Software-Defined Storage Architecture: Optimizing Business Value and Minimizing Risk in Microsoft/VMware Storage Strategies

Published: September 18, 2014

Sifting through the marketing hype from VMware and Microsoft regarding their "server-side software-defined storage models" can be almost as challenging as understanding the underlying technical issues that software-defined storage seeks to solve. What is needed is a clear headed analysis of the storage challenges created by virtual server computing, the benefits and limitations of competing software-defined approaches to addressing them, and what alternatives exist that might provide highly available and scalable storage capacity in a business-savvy way.