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August 1 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
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Speaker: Ivan Talaichuk, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: Medved Holding Group Success Story

Creating a High Availability Shared Storage in the Hyper-V Virtual Environment "First minutes of running this software revealed one of its major benefits: it installed not inside virtual machine but on top of Hyper-V itself in “parent partition” where primary Windows operating environment executes. This meant we didn’t need to buy additional servers and extra Windows licenses and could create our shared storage using the existing resources." - Vyatcheslav Potekin, IT Director, Medved Holding Group

Success Story: Prior Pursglove College Case Study

"The whole process from evaluating the product and discussions with StarWind technical staff to final purchase was straightforward, helpful and in no way did I ever feel forced to purchasing the product. This is the first class product and company." - Robert Marshall, IT Systems Manager, Prior Pursglove College

Success Story: Mellanox Technologies Success Story

Accelerating Virtual SAN Storage with Mellanox End-to-End Networking Solution "StarWind Virtual SAN software coupled with Mellanox Ethernet-based high speed end-toend infrastructure accelerates storage solution networking connectivity and lowers overall power consumption." Source:

Success Story: CMS Internet Case Study

CMS Internet chooses StarWind SAN Software over EMC Clariion iSCSI SAN "There were four reasons that we chose StarWind iSCSI SAN software instead of EMC Clariion iSCSI SAN: best price we found, flexibility of using software to build our own SAN, ability to separate network from storage, and superb level of support that we got." - Andy Kasdorf, Network Infrastructure Engineer, CMS Internet

Success Story: Poquoson City Public Schools Case Study

StarWind provides Poquoson City Public Schools with new StarWind iSCSI SAN "With the help of StarWind, we created a solution that went from the one basket one handle ESXi VM solution (one VM Host, one SAN), to a fully redundant Windows Hyper-V Cluster with fully redundant StarWind iSCSI SAN's at a cost less than a single hardware based SAN device that would have fit our storage needs. They designed servers that met the needs for our current and future environment without the waste of one size fits all providers like Dell and HP." - Chris Sprague, Network Specialist, Poquoson City Public Schools

Success Story: Veeam and StarWind Combined Customer Success Story

Proxen law firm chooses StarWind Enterprise HA and Veeam Backup 3.0 "Combining StarWind and Veeam is one of the best IT solutions that we have seen in years. We got affordable networked storage, increased application and data availability, protected our VMware infrastructure and were able to do all this for less than 25% of what we initially budgeted. No other solutions came even close to the product quality and cost which we got with StarWind and Veeam." - Galina Bondarenko, President, Proxen