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Speaker: Oleg Pankevych, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: Daboula creates a failover cluster at reduced hardware footprint and ensures constant uptime with StarWind

Daboula, a Congolese IT consulting company, used obsolete servers in the failover cluster. The existing infrastructure required redundant storage at the physical level on different hardware. Still, it would not ensure uptime in case of failure. Discover from this success story how StarWind helped Daboula to facilitate efficient storage utilization and avoid downtime.

Success Story: South Gibson School Corporation virtualized its IT infrastructure with StarWind

South Gibson School Corporation, the largest public school in Gibson County, Indiana, was running an aged non-virtualized environment. It was hard to manage such infrastructure, and its components required to be replaced. That’s why the organization considered building a virtualized environment. Find out form this success story how StarWind helped South Gibson School Corporation to build a cost-efficient and simple in management virtualized environment.

Success Story: Split Digital LLC goes hyperconverged with StarWind to make the system highly available and easily scalable under a transparent pay-as-you-grow model

Split Digital LLC, a U.S. company that provides cloud service solutions with high requirements to customization and security levels, had issues with storage speed, infrastructure management and scalability critical for business mission and growth. Learn from this case study how Split Digital LLC turn the company’s infrastructure into hyperconverged with StarWind and get all infrastructure performance they required plus the ability to easily scale on demand.