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August 1 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
Looking for something beyond your traditional VMs?
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Speaker: Ivan Talaichuk, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: Applied Software Technology reduced the amount of physical equipment needed to ensure the decent performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

Applied Software Technology, an American system integrator, faced space and cooling limitations which their existing hardware could not fit. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN allowed the company to reduce the amount of physical equipment without compromising the IT environment performance.

Success Story: Education Resource Strategies achieved higher production uptime with StarWind Virtual SAN

Education Resource Strategies is an American non-profit advisory organization that helps build better schooling systems. Due to poor IT environment redundancy, their production was in risk: if one node failed, the entire production would go down. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN promoted organization’s environment resiliency and fault tolerance without breaking the budget.

Success Story: StarWind Virtual SAN helped Weidner Apartment Homes virtualize their IT environment and simplify its management without breaking the bank

Weidner Apartment Homes, a property management company that owns numerous apartment home units across the USA and Canada, intended to virtualize their IT ecosystem without breaking its architecture. In this case study, the company shares its experience of StarWind Virtual SAN successful implementation and highlights how the solution covered company’s requirements.