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Speaker: Vladyslav Savchenko, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: Cygnus, Inc. reduces hardware footprint, gets high availability and ensures fault tolerance without breaking budgets – everything with the only one StarWind

Cygnus, Inc., a U.S. company operating in the field of aerospace sheet metal fabrication, experienced a server failure. Their data recovery (DR) solution was in place and worked well. Still, the long system restoring was unacceptable. Learn from this case study how Cygnus, Inc. achieves full-scale high availability for a small budget with StarWind.

Webinar: Building a stretched cluster: Keep your data always secure

Published: March 11, 2019

Today more and more companies are expanding beyond the single location. A stretched cluster allows the companies to keep their data safe across several geographical locations and in case of any emergencies. It combines servers into a single system, providing high availability (HA) and load balancing and giving an opportunity to migrate VMs easily from one place to another. Find out from this video about a stretched cluster differentiation, replication options for it, different deployment scenarios, ways to secure data and prevent split brain.

White Paper: Log-structured Write-Back Cache

Traditional caching strategies cannot ensure consistent performance under intense virtualized workloads. Learn from this whitepaper more about Log-structured Write-Back Cache (LSWBC), StarWind Virtual SAN feature allowing to ensure high applications performance and resiliency.