StarWind Resource Library

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN Compute and Storage Separated 3-node with Hyper-V

This document shows how to configure StarWind Virtual SAN on 3 dedicated servers to provide fault tolerant shared storage to a client hypervisor cluster. It also allows users to configure StarWind Virtual SAN as a gateway to consolidate their heterogeneous storage environment into a single storage resource pool. This guide is intended for experienced Windows system administrators and IT professionals who would like to configure a Hyper-V cluster using StarWind Virtual SAN.

White Paper: StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance: Overview

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance is a Linux-based VM with StarWind Virtual SAN already installed and configured. It allows easily deploying a shared storage in VMware vSphere environment as it’s hardware-agnostic and requires no external witness node to build a 2-node cluster. Learn more about the benefits that StarWind VSA brings to your VMware vSphere infrastructure.

White Paper: Automated Storage Tiering

Storage tiering allows boosting infrastructure performance. Yet, in such systems, data management becomes a critical issue for IT staff who is to decide on which tier data should go. Obviously, as management becomes more hectic, total cost ownership grows, and return on investment may decrease. Find out how StarWind Automated Storage Tiering resolves these issues.

Success Story: StarWind Virtual SAN helped Intermodal Management Systems promote IT infrastructure stability without compromising its cost efficiency

Intermodal Management Systems, American transportation and logistics solutions provider, could not achieve the desired production stability running their NAS-based environment. Find out from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN helped the company ensure the desired uptime and performance without compromising infrastructure cost-efficiency.

Success Story: StarWind Virtual SAN delivered Ainsworth Game Technology true HA in a cost-efficient way

Ainsworth Game Technology, an American standalone progressives and linked games creator, intended to add clustering, HA, and Live Migration to its IT environment. However, the company did not have shared storage to make these plans true. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN allowed building shared storage without breaking the company’s bank.