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June 6 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
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with storing data either in private or in public cloud object storage!
Speaker: Ivan Ischenko, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Get All-Flash Performance From a Disk

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Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

Duration: 30:02

Published: June 18, 2015

Key points of the webinar:

  • Virtualization: Benefits & Problems
  • What is I/O Blender and how to overcome it
  • How to completely eliminate I/O Blender effect

Have you noticed the way all-flash arrays silently conquered the market of high-performance storage? And do you know it’s really possible to get all-flash performance without actually spending a fortune? Spindle drives are too weak for the task you say.
StarWind unchains the spindle drives to enable the performance you have never expected even from the best SAS spindles.
Learn how to acquire the technology you could previously only get with high-end hardware SANs.
Now it’s more simple than ever, install the software and get ready to transform your Datacenter.