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Refresh Hardware

Upgrade your hardware at any time with no downtime.
Pick a vendor of your choice.


  • Use your existing hardware!
    You can repurpose your existing servers and network infrastructure as well as build a SAN array using the disks that are already available. You have ZERO initial hardware costs and reduced TCO.
  • Improve the utilization of your resources!
    Global Deduplication eliminates redundant data and writes only unique blocks on storage thereby reducing your disk space requirements up to 90%. Thin Provisioning reasonably allocates the disk space that is currently required by the storage system without over-provisioning.
  • Use the hardware of your choice!
    You are not locked in with one vendor. StarWind is a hardware-agnostic solution. Therefore, you can perfectly use common off the shelf hardware and create the configuration that exactly suits your current needs. If your server or any component goes down, you get fast and easy replacement of your hardware at any local computer store.
  • Upgrade your hardware seamlessly without downtime!
    Deploy any new hardware to your storage infrastructure and recycle StarWind and operating system licenses. With StarWind you build a new storage server paying for the new hardware components only.

  • Limited IT budget
  • Hardware is getting old too fast
  • Underutilization of the existing hardware
  • Downtime for hardware upgrade

  • Effective use of disk space
  • Deferred capital expenditures
  • Seamless upgrade without downtime
  • High level of hardware resources utilization
  • Support of most hardware vendors
  • Zero initial hardware costs
  • Reduced TCO
Download “Refresh your old hardware” scenario

To download the software products please make your choice below. An installer link and the license key will be sent to the e-mail address you specify. Please check the Free vs. Paid document if you are uncertain of the StarWind Virtual SAN version. A totally unrestricted NFR (Not For Resale) version of StarWind Virtual SAN is available for certain use cases. Learn more here. The Release Notes can be found here.

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