Leighton Broadcasting reduced their downtimes with StarWind HyperConverged Appliance

Published: September 2017

Leighton Broadcasting is a US company that works in the field of radio advertising and delivers services like live broadcasting, marketing consulting. Leighton Broadcasting has a great experience creating successful campaigns for hundreds of companies.

Before having StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) employed, Leighton Broadcasting was struggling with excessive time losses during recovery periods. In fact, the business suffered from three- or four-days downtimes caused by the necessity to deal with the external USB hard drives and virtualization absence. As a result, data recovery became not only problematic but also less reliable.

Leighton Broadcasting has chosen StarWind HCA because it was both cost-efficient and provided all the required services. With StarWind HCA, the company managed to develop its reliability, fault tolerance, and recovery time. What is more, the appliance enabled to reduce downtimes from days to several minutes, resulting in the more efficient data loss recovery. In addition, StarWind saved Leighton Broadcasting from the additional expenses on purchasing and maintaining additional hardware.

Eventually, StarWind HCA provided Leighton Broadcasting with high availability. Furthermore, Leighton Broadcasting system can keep on functioning despite one of the nodes failure. Thereby, the company managed to scale back its infrastructure, while the rack space and power capacity loads were reduced.

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