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Leasing & Installment Plan

For SMB and ROBO who look to reduce virtualization CapEx and transfer all expense into OpEx, our offers are Leasing and Installment Plan. They allow the customer to get any StarWind product without paying its full price at once. Leasing is basically “product for rent”. It can be terminated at any time. Installment Plan is a similar service, but the customer redeems the license after a term of monthly installments. Both variants greatly reduce virtualization CapEx, as the price of the product resides completely in OpEx.


Lower CapEx
With StarWind Installment Plan and Leasing financing systems, the customer pays nothing upfront for his virtualized infrastructure. The whole price of the product resides in the OpEx. Leasing is versatile, because it can be stopped at any time. Installment Plan is more expensive, but in the end, the customer redeems his license.
Simple Financial Planning
Leasing and Installment Plan enable precise budget planning for IT infrastructure, providing a pre-calculated price-list. The customer can choose payment plan and see exactly how much money he will spend on the infrastructure every month/quarter. Payments can be tied to revenue movements, so budget balancing becomes easy.
StarWind Expertise
StarWind technologies are proven to be effective tools in virtualization environment. StarWind Virtual SAN, StarWind Virtual Tape Library, StarWind HyperConverged Appliance – all these products excel at solving particular IT infrastructure issues in SMB and ROBO. They’re worth every dollar the customer pays for them.



In order for the appliance price to dwell only on Operational Expense, StarWind offers its hardware solutions for leasing. Such a payment method does not imply any Capital Expense, though it also does not give the customer the ultimate product ownership. Thus, when the leasing term ends, the customer is given a choice to purchase the product or return it to StarWind.

Installment Plan

It is a standard payment method that breaks solution price into smaller parts and reduces Capital Expense. The installments are set on a schedule basis for the maximum convenience, so it is easy for the customer to perform financial planning. It is a perfect approach for small businesses, which may have limited resources, as well as for bigger companies, which prefer to link installments to the revenue movements and not worry about high license cost. When the whole price is paid, the customer becomes the sole owner of the product.

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