Hyperconvergence for SMB&ROBO.

Go into applications high availability
with a single on-premises node

StarWind HyperConverged Appliance is a turnkey virtualization infrastructure building block that fits in any existing IT infrastructure at minimum hardware footprint.
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Key benefits

Single node to start with
Enjoy HA storage having only one on-premises node! StarWind HCA involves necessary cloud resource.
Setup and maintenance simplicity
Environment migration and integration is conducted at no cost. Simply plug it in and you are good to go!
High availability at minimum cost
StarWind ensures application uptime and data security with minimum possible hardware footprint. No proprietary hardware required.
StarWind ProActive Support
We have customers requesting a service in only 5% of all cases! We act proactively and report when the issue is already resolved.
Equipment Financing: Convenient zero-down payment plan gives you freedom to start using the appliance right away. Just pay when ready.

Success Stories

Thousands of our customers from diverse industries use StarWind HyperConverged Appliance to ensure highly available and fault-tolerant storage for their businesses
The infrastructure works excellent. We have been able to respond to shifting needs in the organization at greater speed and have experienced zero downtime even during maintenance.
Christopher Tuttle, IT Manager
Payroll education
StarWind plays well with Microsoft Servers and Hyper-V. With a pair of physical hosts, I can easily move my virtual machines between hosts for maintenance or failure. We could not do that before.
Jerry Gode, Senior Associate
Acoustical Consulting, Technology
Engineering, & Lighting Design
We opted for all SSD and found that performance was much better. We went from a full rack down to 4 units, so any troubleshooting should be much easier now with less equipment.
Barry Miles, IT Manager
Footwear Retail / Wholesale
Migrating was very easy, and everything is running faster and more reliable.
Neal Wagoner, Technology Technician
K12 Public Education
Support has been great. All of the reps I have spoken to have been very nice and informative, and always follow up. The setup was a breeze.
Alex Hernandez, A company representative
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance delivered a solid hyperconverged platform and met all requirements including IOPS.
Mike Leonard, CEO
Full IT Managed Solution Provider
Do you want to know how it will fit your IT infrastructure?